Karen Taylor will be left horrified by Mitch’s shocking confession next week on EastEnders.

Last week, Karen was left stunned after a grief-stricken Sharon admitted that she didn’t want Kayden and told Karen to look after him.

Ian later also offered money for her to leave Walford with Kayden and Karen instead went to Sharon to tell her about what he had said.

But when Karen tried desperately to reason with the grieving mother, Sharon lashed out saying that she didn’t want Kayden.

Next week, Billy is upset when Karen mentions potentially leaving Walford with Kayden.

However Karen is touched when Mitch suggests he and Bailey move with her, but is shocked when he makes a startling admission.

What will he say?

This comes after Dennis’ heartbreaking funeral last night prove too much for struggling Sharon and Ian was forced to step up.

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However Ian was forced to deal with his own guilt as Dotty continued to pile on the pressure.

Tensions rose even more at the wake when Ben arrived and Sharon noticed a detail Linda missed, prompting her to share some harsh words with her friend, leaving her mortified.

Ian managed to calm her down but just as they were about to leave, Phil arrived…

*EastEnders airs Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on BBC One