Kieran Hayler is currently enjoying a very loved-up holiday in the Maldives with girlfriend of a year Michelle Pentecost.

The former stripper has documented the incredible trip of a lifetime on social media, but it’s not the first time he’s visited the idyllic location.

Kieran, 32, first ventured to the Maldives with Katie Price in 2017 for what they described as their ‘second honeymoon’.

The then couple stayed on the island of Kandima, which is just a short boat ride from where Kieran and Michelle are staying now.

Kieran, who shares two kids with Katie, revealed he has checked into the Holiday Inn Resort on Kandooma, where he and Michelle have been making the most of the four and a half star facilities.

As Kieran’s Instagram will testify, the duo have been busy treating themselves to candlelit dinners on the beach, boat trips and endless cocktails.

Kieran also revealed that Michelle conquered her fear of water on the getaway as she joining him on an incredible snorkelling trip.

The couple – who have been dating for a year – also shared a string of cosy selfies as they enjoyed some time away from their kids.

Their trip away makes a marked change from the last time Kieran visited the Maldives with Katie Price, where they were joined by an entire filming crew.

In March 2017, Katie, Kieran, the glamour model’s five children and a production team all headed out to the islands to capture what was dubbed as the then couple’s ‘second honeymoon.’

The scenes were later aired on Katie’s ‘My Crazy Life’ reality series.

Despite the romantic location, sources at the time reported how tensions were running high between Katie and Kieran over the filming.

Kieran was reported as being ‘fed up’ with having to work on his holiday.

After originally tying the knot in 2013, Katie and Kieran jetted off to the Bahamas, but Katie said she was ‘unimpressed by the ugly sky scrapers’ and a member of staff at the hotel asking her if she was a porn star.

Kieran and Katie eventually split in 2017 with the mum-of-five going on to date personal trainer Kris Boyson shortly after.

While Kieran has found happiness with Michelle, who has a child at the school where his kids Jett and Bunny attend.

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