The Appraisal Lane connects Dallas drivers to live appraisers for used car cash offers in minutes.

DALLAS (PRWEB) December 06, 2019

Like many drivers across the U.S., Dallas residents find it challenging to determine what their used car is really worth using online value ranges. In fact, a recent analysis of a popular late model sedan shows that vehicle values can vary by as much as $10,000 from website to website(1). An accurate used car appraisal is the most important first step in the new car purchase process, yet computer-generated price ranges fall short in delivering that accuracy.

In a recent survey by Black Book(2), nearly 50% of consumers said that getting the right trade appraisal was either “very important” or “extremely important.” In that same survey, respondents said that a vehicle trade-in quote that’s far from expectations is the second-most likely scenario to kill a deal.

People who are interested in selling their car to a private party face additional challenges. The fear of fraud and crime, the uncertainty of at-home test drives, the hassles of DMV paperwork, and the logistics of loan payoffs make for an overwhelming and time-consuming process.

The Appraisal Lane has launched in Dallas to address these challenges. This new service connects drivers to live appraisers who provide cash offers for used cars in minutes.

Here’s how it works.

  • Access The Appraisal Lane from any device.
  • Connect with live appraisers.
  • Upload vehicle photos and answer condition questions.
  • Receive a cash offer in 30 minutes or less.
  • Redeem your offer for trade-in value or cash at a nearby dealership.

“Online price ranges that vary by thousands of dollars are meaningless to people who need to know the exact value of their used car,” said Jeff Risner, Co-founder and CEO of The Appraisal Lane. “Our live appraisers have worked in the automotive industry for decades and evaluate thousands of cars each month – that’s all they do. They understand the many factors that impact value across all makes, models, and markets. Most importantly, they understand that used cars are as unique as the people who drive them. Our intelligence isn’t artificial and consumers appreciate that.”

Risner says that one of the biggest benefits The Appraisal Lane brings to Dallas drivers is the ability to quickly and easily sell their used cars. They can use their cash offer as a down payment towards their next purchase, or as cash in hand.

“The Appraisal Lane enables Dallas residents to get real money for their used cars, right from the convenience of their driveways,” Risner said. “Despite its importance, the trade-in process hasn’t seen many improvements over the years. We launched to help drivers have a great experience when it comes time to trade in or sell their car.”

To date, The Appraisal Lane has delivered more than $2.5 billion in used car offers generated by live appraisers. In addition to its helpful consumer app, the company also offers apps for car dealerships to help manage used car inventory. TAL Dealers, the company’s showroom solution, connects dealerships with consumers to create a transparent, convenient, and consistent trade-in process for every shopper, regardless of the vehicle. TAL Buyers helps dealerships and dealer groups source in-demand inventory from any curb.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download The Appraisal Lane. For more information about The Appraisal Lane, visit

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  • 2. Black Book, Trade Appraisal: How to Narrow the Gap to Close More Deals, August 2017.

About The Appraisal Lane™

The Appraisal Lane is a mobile app-based community of expert appraisers who put guaranteed cash offers on used cars. Dealers use The Appraisal Lane to manage, move, and source inventory. Consumers use The Appraisal Lane to connect with live appraisal experts in real time, answer simple vehicle condition questions, upload pictures, and get an offer for their used car in minutes. Since its launch in 2016, The Appraisal Lane has delivered more than $2.5 billion in offers on used vehicles. For more information, visit

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