Grace Millane’s alleged killer told another Tinder date that police dogs could not smell dead bodies deep underground.

The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went on the date while the British backpacker lay dead in his hotel room in Auckland, New Zealand, a court heard.

The 27-year-old defendant is currently on trial over the murder of Grace, although he claims she died by accident during rough sex.

A former journalist told the jury today that the accused made her feel ‘uncomfortable’ on their Tinder date, resulting in her telling him she did not want to see him again.

She met the defendant in a bar in the trendy Auckland suburb of Ponsonby on December 2 last year.

In the previous hours, the man had bought a large suitcase in which he buried Grace’s body in remote woodland the next day, having strangled her during sex, according to the prosecutor.

The defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had also been busy buying cleaning products to get rid of her blood from his carpet.

At the same time, from before 8am, he was texting the woman to finalise their date that afternoon.

But when the woman arrived at Revelry shortly before 4pm, he told her all his friends were police officers, including two sisters, and his closest pal was coming to New Zealand to be a Crown prosecutor, she told Auckland High Court.

When she told the man she had watched a murder case as a journalist and seen a 21-year-old man jailed, she said he told her: “It’s crazy how guys can make one wrong move and go to jail for the rest of their life.”

“He said he had heard of a guy who asked his girlfriend to have rough sex with him including strangulation or suffocation and it had gone wrong and she had died in the process and he had got done for manslaughter.

“He was very intense, quite calm though,” she added.

“He seemed a bit aloof and not quite judging how I was responding to the story.

“I think he was in his own world telling this story. I think I just felt a bit uncomfortable. I changed the topic to travelling in the south island.”

But, she said, the man also told how her his police friends were “having a tough time because a lot of people are going missing.”

He allegedly told her a number of people were thought to be missing in the hills west of Auckland, where he would bury Grace’s body the next morning.

The court heard he also told her “police dogs can’t smell bodies that are buried more than four feet in the ground.”

The woman said she spent up to two hours with the man at the Revelry bar, in which he drank two beers.

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Grace Millane murder trial

He had told her that he had been a senior manager for a major retail chain in Australia and an international level sportsman before moving to New Zealand to look after his sick grandmother.

But when she left the bar with him, she didn’t walk directly back to her car to avoid him, she told the court.

“I felt uncomfortable with him so I just lied and said my car was in the opposite way,” she said.

“He wrote to me later by text saying, hey, I had a really great time would you like to do it again? and I said no, I wouldn’t.”

The trial continues.