Boris Johnson was heckled yet again as he visited a school this morning.

Chants of “Boris out” could be heard outside Monkton CEVC Primary School in Taunton, where the Prime Minister has been meeting schoolchildren.

Another shout included “Keep the oil in the soil”, while criticism of austerity policies could also be heard.

Mr Johnson asked a separate group of pupils for their favourite book before adding: “Have you got the Incredible Hulk? That’s the one I like.”

While looking at a Hulk book, one pupil shouted “boobies” to which the PM replied: “Those aren’t boobies, they are muscles.”

He then asked the children to help him with “Where’s Wally?” – a nod to the book he was holding rather than anything else.

“I cannot find Wally, I give up,” Mr Johnson concluded.

It comes after a difficult day for Mr Johnson on the road yesterday, when he was heckled twice in Yorkshire.

In an expletive-filled rant, an angry voter confronted the Prime Minister at a community centre.

It happened just hours after a woman refused to speak to him , and others questioned where he had been for the previous six days.

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The heckler, at a community centre in Fishlake, shouted: “Everyone’s in poverty – the whole country’s a joke.”

In a clip shared by LBC, the man continues: “F*** the government, f*** the council – people are living on the streets, kids are living in the streets, nobody gives a f*** about them. Sort it out.”

As he walks away he shouts: “Biggest thieves in the country them.”

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