Parents are in uproar as their children are being forced to pick their favourite parent to attend their Christmas carol concert.

The school says health and safety restrictions means they can’t get everyone in the venue, but mums and dads have been left in shock.

Lady Boswell’s Primary School in Sevenoaks, Kent, has also banned siblings attending as they have no room.

The festive event is due to take place at St Nicholas church, but they are struggling to seat relatives of all 256 seven to 11 year-olds as well as staff.

One disgruntled dad told Kent Live the demand to select just one parent to watch, was “disgraceful, especially in the Christmas season”.

He said: “Unbelievably, Lady Boswell’s School has decided that for the annual Christmas carol service only one parent per family is allowed to attend, thereby making families needing to select a single parent to go, but it also bans any other children.

“Considering this is the last carol service to be attended by the now full year 6 children, this is disgraceful.”

Head teacher Sharon Saunders said the festive wrangle had “forced a re-think” and the school was now trying to think of other ways to accommodate children, their parents and up to 60 staff at St Nicholas Church.

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“We have to comply with health and safety and getting that number of children into the church and out into the car park is difficult, but we want to sort it out safely,” she said.

She added the school, which for the first time now has a two-form entry from reception to Year 6, did not want to split the service over two days.

“We are a family and we want to come together as a family with all the children to celebrate together.

“The important thing is the children but we do not want to exclude anybody and are trying to work something out,” she added.