An outbreak of deadly avian flu across Europe has forced London Zoo to shut down its bird walk-through areas.

The zoo has cancelled its free-flying bird demonstration, its walk-through areas and has moved its chickens inside away from children as a precaution.

The penguin enclosure and rocky pool beach is still open for visitors and the penguins are not affected by the outbreak.

UK bird keepers have been told to keep them inside for a month.

The government’s chief veterinary officer declared a Prevention Zone on Tuesday to protect poultry from a highly infectious strain, H5N8, which has hit farms and wild birds across Europe.

ZSL London Zoo said: “We have stringent measures permanently in place to ensure our animals remain healthy.

“None of the birds at ZSL London Zoo have been affected.”

No UK cases have been detected in the latest outbreak.

Amey Evans, who keeps chickens in Rainham, Kent, said: “This is major. It’s a deadly virus, it will wipe out your whole flock.”